One step forward Koone analyzes real events From events we create data From data to intelligent automation we analyze everything

This is Koone

Today we can recognize “events”, translate them into data and create automation inside and outside IOT.

Binoocle today created Koone, a modular system of #Embedded IOT that analyzes events related to any business activities and real life.

The power of Koone’s machine learning brings you into the future of event sharing, intelligent automation and data collect.

Moreover we will integrate your data on a private Koone Blockchain.

Our eyes support your future

Koone analyzes all kind of images, builds data and activates intelligent automation actions.

Recognize events by images

Koone uses all kind of images. 

Through artificial intelligence models learn to recognize what is important for you and drastically increase its accuracy over time.

Create data from events

Image recognition is the first step to create strategic data insights. With Koone you have the opportunity to built a new knowledge of events in your business. Data will allow you to make the right decisions.

Intelligent automation

We have identified events through images, we have created your data set to be consulted, now we can create actions by intelligent automation. Activate a service, generate IOT feed, build output signals.

Where do we work

Koone develops intelligent automation solutions in strategic business where is important to analyze events, create data and menage automations.

Construction & Oil and Gas

Smart Cities


Industry and infrastructures
Safety & Security

Some of our models

Koone develops integrated models of events analysis through algorithms to take your business to the next step.

Motion Detection

People Detection

Object Detection

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